Pons, medieval city

Perched on a rocky headland where its emblematic dungeon stands proudly, bathed in its lower part by the various arms of the Seugne, this medieval town and former protestant stronghold has an important heritage complex which makes it a Prominent tourist city. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a stopover on the Paths of Santiago de Compostela. A visit is necessary!

The Medieval Dungeon


From the top of its 30 metres, The Medieval dungeon is undoubtedly the most imposing in the region. During your visit, discover a medieval world and have the audacity to climb the 136 steps to enjoy a breath-taking view of the medieval town, the valley of the Seugne and our beautiful region.

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The Pilgrims’ Hospital


Santiago de Compostela invites you to discover an exceptional and authentic architecture. Under the vault, many graffiti have been curved and many sculptures adorn the portals, will you find the Glutton or the famous eel of Pons? Inside, go back in time to discover the history of the pilgrimage and the hospitality of the past.

The Medicinal Garden

Come and learn in this medieval-inspired medicinal garden, which was once the pharmacy of the Pilgrims’ Hospital. Through a free or guided tour, discover 130 species of plants with millennial virtues.
Among all these species you will find medicinal herbs and aromatic herbs to prepare remedies, herbal teas and ointments, but also condiment herbs to raise dishes.

Le Château des Énigmes

Located in Pons in Charente-Maritime (Poitou-Charentes), Le Château des Énigmes is a new kind of theme park, which is both fun and educational: come and discover this splendid Italian Renaissance Chateau with your family or friends.

You will take part in a journey adventure in the castle, the wooded park and its little farm.
This year, the Usson Castle, registered as historical monument invites you to join Willy in his treasure hunt to seek for the enigma of the castle and become a real Pirate!
Address, logical, team spirit… You will use all your resources during 27 games adventure. But beware, this will not be easy: you will face many challenges including venturing through a maze and underground.

The Château des Énigmes is less than 30 minutes from Saintes/ Cognac/ Royan/ and within an hour of several large towns (Bordeaux, Angoulême, Niort, La Rochelle…)

Discover Pons


Useful information :

Tourist Office of Pons – Haute Saintonge

Esplanade du château- 17800 Pons

+33 (0)5 17 24 03 47