Sentiers des Arts Urbains 2023

As part of the Sentiers des Arts Urbains 2023 (Urban Art Trails 2023), come to Port Vitrezay and take part in the many events for young and old, and discover the works of Street Art artists and the world of the Gironde estuary in the Discovery Village.

Catégorie :

initiation / discovery during an event
Type : Entertainment/recreation
Thème : Contemporary art, Modern/contemporary art, Visual/graphic arts


Portée : Regional

Dates & Horaires

Sunday 1st of October 2023.

En détail

Morning: well-being and relaxation activities (two classes of each in the morning except yoga, one in the morning and one in the afternoon): yoga by Cindy Deshogues, stretching by Charlène Magnence, pilates by Samuel Jehene, outdoors

All day long, a discovery village with games and riddles, bookbinding demonstration and calligraphy workshop by the association "Si Saint-Fort m'était conté", stone sculpture and clay modelling workshop by Laëtitia Rochette, sculpture or collective fresco with elements from nature by Françoise de Villiers, presentation and demonstration of Tibetan bowls by Simon Porlier, framing by Patricia Fleury, nautical knots workshop by Dick de Munck, seeds and mandalas workshop by Julie Foissard, drawing workshop by Lucas Faytre, art workshop by Stéphanie Fabia, donkey rides with "Les Traits de Jean Vérat", archery with Les Archers de Pons.
Afternoon: ephemeral arts based around the works in the Sentiers des Arts: dance with Anne-Damienne Houpert and Gwen Boulet from ESCCA Danse, Charlène Magnence from Studio Dance, Christine Bourguignon from the École des Arts de Haute-Saintonge. Music with Emmanuel Lahoz, Bertrand Bourgeois, Maud Gadrat and
Giordano Muto from the Haute-Saintonge Arts School.

Catering on site

Open to all