• Escape game "d'Artagnan" au Parc Mysterra

  • Escape game "d'Artagnan" au Parc Mysterra
  • Escape game "d'Artagnan" au Parc Mysterra
  • Escape game "d'Artagnan" au Parc Mysterra
  • Escape game "d'Artagnan" au Parc Mysterra

At Parc Mysterra, the Escape game "d'Artagnan" will take you back to the time of d'Artagnan and the musketeers for 2 hours. This escape game was created by the European Association of the d'Artagnan Route (AERA). On reservation

Dates & Horaires

From 06/11 to 31/12/2023
Opening hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 11 am and at 2 pm.

En détail

This action contributes to the discovery of the story of d'Artagnan, which is based on three major themes: horse riding, fencing and European citizenship.

The mission:
In a castle on the banks of a river, there is a cabinet of curiosities in which an old collector keeps exceptional objects about d'Artagnan. In his cabinet, there is a chest in which he keeps several authentic pieces. But this place and its contents are in great danger! Following a storm, the river water threatens to flood it, and the collector has very little time left to save the treasure. He must urgently move it, including the precious documents in the chest, but the chest is locked with 12 padlocks and, in his panic, he can't remember where he hid the keys! Players have 1 hour to help him find the keys to the chest before this unique collection is washed away. They will have to face a series of riddles to solve in order to open the chest.

The constraints imposed:
- Indoor game in an animation room of 95m² useful for 1 person/4m².
- Duration of the game: 2 hours including the welcome, the presentation and the conclusion
- The game is accessible to all types of audiences from 8 years old. Above 8 years old, it is considered as an active player. Below 8 years old, it is a participative player because he will have difficulties
- 4 teams (of 5 people maximum): Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan.
- Minimum number of players 4 people and maximum 20 people (including the participating players)
-The session is supervised by a Mysterra facilitator

Topics covered:
-D'Artagnan, the historical character and the literary character.
- The fundamental European values.
- Journeys in space and time in 6 countries and in the great century.

Closing the game:
Thanks to the 12 stars found (on each star is written a value representative of the values of the musketeers and European values), the players discover authentic items in the chest (facsimiles of D'Artagnan's marriage certificate, letters from Mazarin...) .


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Conditions complémentaires

Nombre maximum : 20 people


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