Haute-Saintonge Race Track

The Haute-Saintonge Mechanical Centre – opened in June 2009 – is a track thought and designed in a sustainable development objective for road safety and mechanical hobbies. Numerous activities are available on the 2 tracks and in the facilities: events, driving courses, seminars …


Modern and historical vehicles gatherings
Car and bike tournaments
“Rolling” days for individuals (cars and bikes)
Technical and technological trials
Products demonstrations and introductions for manufacturers, distributors and equipment manufacturers.
Electric Go-Karting sessions or challenges

Courses – training – leasing

Driving improvement and fast cars initiations courses

The Haute-Saintonge racing circuit chose the best to learn driving on circuits, from one-seaters, sports cars and GT cars to motorbikes.


Safe driving courses: Teenagers, individuals and companies (continuing education) – Energy-efficient driving courses

On the circuit, a whole set-up to learn how to drive safely and economically was created with; roundabouts, wet segments, several qualities of road coating, an area simulating driving on snow and ice and a 400 meters straight road for braking and safety distance trainings.

Seminars, training and business to business agreements

A 80m² panoramic terrace and a 240m² room (340 persons) entirely dedicated to receptions, meetings, seminars, conventions, events and so on, make the facilities a prime venue for companies and associations.

Useful information

Pôle mécanique de la Génetouze

La Grand-Font 17360 LA GENETOUZE

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