Theme park Mysterra®

The park was thought out with one aim : to offer you in a single area an opportunity for games, thought, physical exercise, discovering biodiversity and opening out to culture.

Play connected with the forest at Mysterra®

11 hectares of pine forest, paths, fragrances, diverse visual atmospheres, at the edge of the Baron-Desqueyroux Lake in Montendre. An ideal place, preserved by time, nestling in the region of Haute-Saintonge on the borders with Charente-Maritime and Gironde, a one-hour drive from the ocean and a few minutes from the estuary of Gironde, amid vineyards of pineau des Charentes, Cognac and Bordeaux.

Stepping into Mysterra® Park, is to leave one’s day-to-day behind and let oneself be transported by the peace and quiet of nature.

Stepping into Mysterra® Park, is to enter the world of games. Your only allies are your smartphone or your tablet, your thought and sense of orientation, which will enable you to find the answers to the riddles to resolve the investigations at different levels and put you in the shoes of characters from historical tales.

Stepping into Mysterra® Park, is to open your senses, take in works of art and discover the wealth of biodiversity.

Stepping into Mysterra® Park, is to enter a world where one’s usual bearings are confused. Losing oneself so as better to find oneself. It is creating one’s own time.

Stepping into Mysterra® Park, is to choose the activity corresponding to what you want, on your own, with friends or family. It is about choosing to play games or stroll, choosing competition or contemplation. Sometimes, it’s about choosing… not to choose.


Useful information :


La Taulette 17130 Montendre 

Phone +33 (0)5 17 24 30 58

Chargement en cours…

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