Windmill and Watermill at Jonzac

In Jonzac, the heritage of yesteryear has been restored, a stone’s throw from les Antilles de Jonzac and the Casino, the City of Jonzac has restored two 18th century mills : the Cluzelet Windmill and the Bret Watermill. You will discover the traditional production of flour and walnut oil.

Chez Bret’s watermill

The water mill produces one of the best 1st cold pressed walnut oils in the region. A 30-minute scenography reminds the visitor that Jonzac is a city born from the river (testimonies of archaeologists, geologists, actors of local life, millers…).
In the room where we can find the paddle wheel, mechanisms and gears, the miller explains the driving force of the water, how the wheel is working, the production of walnut oil and its properties and eel fishing and the life of the river.

In addition to the scenography, an exhibition of various objects testifies to the presence of a Gallo-Roman villa between the Bret watermill and Les Antilles de Jonzac. Tools, construction elements, work utensils, jewellery recall the richness and sophistication of this civilization that had already taken up residence on the banks of the Seugne about 2000 years ago.

Everyone can bring their nuts (without the shell!) to crushed it and obtain your own oil!

For those who love traditional objects and know-how in Haute Saintonge (and elsewhere), the Clion sur Seugne craft and rural museum is a real conservatory of crafts and old-time everyday life.

Chargement en cours…

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The Cluzelet Windmill


The Cluzelet windmill is close to the watermill because in periods of drought the miller had to work with the watermill to ensure the continuity of flour production.
The Cluzelet windmill dominates the hillside offering a remarkable panoramic view of the city of Jonzac and the valley. You will know everything about the control of the winds and the mechanisms of the mill and thus understand the processes of making traditional flour.

Jonzac Tourist Office – Consult agendaThe windmill is closed in 2020.

Once upon a time…