Kaolune, the Saint Georges quarry

Kaolune is the baptismal name of the Saint Georges Quarry with the lunar aspect. This quarry, in the town of Fouilloux, is the first kaolin clay extraction quarry in Haute Saintonge. More than a hundred years old, the exploitation of this clay quarry was completed in 2014 after supplying an entire processing industry in demand with raw material of extraordinary purity.

A stunning blue lagoon

This astonishing landscape with turquoise waters and extremely clear cliffs are the fruit of the rehabilitation of this former quarry. It presents an interesting face spanning 50 million years.

The landscapes are worthy of Cappadocia with their white cliffs dotted with “fairy chimneys” and “deltas”. They give a contrasting relief with lagoon-blue waters. The vegetation and fauna are gradually regaining possession of the space despite the very acidic soil.

A viewpoint and a reading table with free access allow you to dominate and understand the site all year round.

A path marked out with explanatory panels on flora, fauna, geology, industry and conversion offers a discovery of this place. The latter is only accessible in July and August. Appropriate clothing: shoes, headgear and hiking equipment ensure a pleasant time on the Kaolune site.

Guided tours are organized by reservation.

A museographic space develops the different aspects of this industry. It will soon be offered in Montguyon at the “house of kaolin”. It presents focuses on the different aspects of an environment of great natural diversity and great human richness.

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Le Grand Pineau 17270 Le Fouilloux

Phone to Maison de la Forêt – Montlieu la Garde

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