Sustainable energy House

To heat the city using the ground’s energy, such was the city’s precursor idea of the 70’s. For this purpose, the drilling of 65°C (149°F) water drawn at a depth of 1672 meters started in December 1979.

A city with positive energy !

The “Belle histoire de l’eau” (A Tale of Water) does however not end here; scientific studies will later recognise Jonzac’s water health benefits, marking the beginning of the city’s still growing thermal activities.

Neighbouring the Thermal Baths, visits are an occasion to share experiences and to learn more on renewable and local energies in this educational place. Various animations are set up, making it an entertaining and enjoyable venue.

If you wish to know more about Jonzac’s geothermal energy, wood-heating system and its 20km distribution system, this is the place to be with its commented tours and screenings. You may also enquire about how to save energy and innovative thermal insulation solutions at the Energy House. Quizzes, interactive displays and machines as well as exhibitions make the Energy House a very friendly environment for young people. The visit is free. It is an Espace Info Énergie (energy informative space).

Visits are free

Maison de l’énergie

Heurtebise 17500 Jonzac

Tél. 05 46 04 84 51