Discover by bike

Haute-Saintonge is an ideal land for cycling , whether for circuits of a few kilometers or as part of much more ambitious routes. If you did not bring your bikes, no problem, it is possible to rent them in different shops.

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Cycling loops : les Bouclettes

The Bouclettes are easy circuits designed for family practice, details of the different routes can be downloaded in order to better prepare for your outings.

The different routes are also available on request from the Tourist Office or from the Hiking Service of Communauté de Communes de Haute-Saintonge

Scandibérique – “Voie Verte” (Greenway) – Eurovélo 3

Over more than 30 km between Barbezieux and the south of Charente-Maritime, the Voie Verte de Haute-Saintonge offers a completely secure route reserved for pedestrian and non-motorized vehicle traffic (parking at each entrance). The coating allows the practice of many activities: cycling: mountain biking, VTC, walking but also rollerblading, horseback riding (except hitch)

Arranged on the route of an old railway line, the green way is ideal for family walks thanks to almost no relief and a safe route and very often in the shade and with many facilities for picnicking and learn more about the region crossed.

Many “trendy” circuits on the greenway allow you to make loops on different themes from this dedicated route and thus continue your cycling experience in peace.

This route will delight lovers of old stone as well as nature. Indeed, the small heritage is omnipresent as well as the natural sites and their own discovery trails. Maison de la Forêt, Robinson’s Pond and many other sites are on or near this route.

Every year in September, on the occasion of National Greenways Day, various events are organized there.

National bike routes

Canal des 2 mers à vélo

From the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, the Canal des 2 Mers à Vélo offers a route of incredible beauty and diversity.

In Charente Maritime, for example, the route runs along the ocean before following the Gironde estuary. The passage in Haute Saintonge is located along the largest estuary in Europe: at the port of Vitrezay.

This part is flat. It offers magnificent views over a wild territory formed by swamps and white cliffs without forgetting breathtaking views of the Médoc. Even for a few kilometers this course is a must!

Flow Vélo

The Flow Vélo is a route of more than 200 km that connects Périgord to the Atlantic. It is a route that follows the loops and meanders of the Charente river which stops in such emblematic towns as Angoulême, Cognac, Saintes, Rochefort.

Regarding Haute-Saintonge, a few kilometers allow you to walk on the banks of the river in the heart of the cognac vineyard.

VTT – Mountain bike


Through woods and forests, in the midst of vineyards or along the Gironde estuary, Haute-Saintonge has many ideas for mountain biking tours.

The best ally of the mountain biker will be the guidebook which lists more than 50 circuits traced on foot or by mountain bike.

The list to dowload the circuits is here >

Where to rent bikes?

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